CARISMED will prepare its lasts workshops during its 3rd Steering Committee in Tunisi


The third steering committee meeting for CARISMED project is planned to be conducted in Tunis on May 9th, 2023

This meeting will be important as it will gather the partners to discuss two important topics which are:

1. The organization of workshop in each participating city  with the aim to foster the cooperation among the key stakeholders and CCI SMEs.  These workshops will work as creative labs and will include training activities that provide necessary tools and services to enable the exchange of information, best practices and expertise among the participants.

2. The knowledge acquired in previous activities on LCARS will be put into practice and its principles will be applied by the regional clusters in the buildings chosen in the participant territories implementing LCARS and using green and smart tools to make them more sustainable.

Stay tune with us for the results of this meeting!!