CARISMED held its World Café Workshop in Hebron along with small and medium entreprises operating in the creative and heritage industries


World Café Workshop / Hebron

On 6/11/2022, the Department of Architectural Engineering at Birzeit University, as part of its activities in the CARISMED project, implemented a workshop on the research methodology known as the “World Café” in Hebron, entitled: “SME’S clustering roadmaps and capacity building”.
The workshop aimed to deepen the understanding of the reality related to clusters of micro, small and medium enterprises operating in the current field of creative and heritage industries, in order to develop a strategic framework to improve it, and build the capacities of their members and those in charge of them, in addition toward an attempt to extrapolate the extent and depth of the participants' regarding understanding of smart practices, sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts and practices.
Several craftsmen from various trades participated in the workshop, in addition to many representatives from partner institutions, the Ministry of National Economy, the Environmental Quality Authority, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Hebron Governorate, and Al-Hajar Center from the Palestine Polytechnic University.
it is expected - based on the results of the workshop and the analysis made during the discussions - to come up with outcomes related to the problems of this sector and organize a development training plan for workers in this sector to advance it by developing their capabilities and developing the performance of the clusters to overcome the problems they face.