Palestine: BEEP project to support the energy rehabilitation of the Morcos Nassar Palace in Bethlehem


The work team of the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP) and the Palestinian Solar and Sustainable Energy Society (PALSSES) visited “Ma'an Lil Hayat” organization located at 'Morcos Nassar Palace' in Bethlehem on Thursday 13th of February 2020, to prepare a preliminary analysis of the energy rehabilitation project for the building within the framework of BEEP project.

The team inspected parts of the building familiar with the components related to all forms of energy in addition to the architectural and mechanical side, such as the existing electrical appliances and their capabilities, the amount of gas consumed, in addition to the ventilation and lighting methods used in the building. 

Moreover, the team inspected the extent of their dependence on daylight through the windows, and the level of isolation in the building, in addition to the ways of heating water and if there is another source of electricity, such as solar cells.

The building was also surveyed in terms number of floors, rooms, and available spaces for the building, in addition to the ways of air conditioning, refrigeration and the location of pipes, as they took many internal and external pictures of the building.

Ma'an Lil Hayat organization is the first and only community project in Palestine that brings together people with and without intellectual disabilities to engage in creative textile-arts activities.

This activity was done within the 'Building Information Modeling (BIM) project for energy efficiency in the public sector' (BEEP), and aims to support innovative and cost-effective rehabilitation processes related to building types and climatic zones, with a focus on historical public buildings to reach the Energy Efficiency for Heritage Construction Model (EE-HBIM) for each case study in each country. This project is funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme.

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