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ARTOLIO will visit the 9th World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid (Spain)


ARTOLIO's will attend the 9th World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid (Spain) as a visitor. It is a space where the main producers and consumers of olive oil will meet.

The main goal will be to learn and analyze first-hand the latest international trends within the sector and expand institutional relationships with cooperatives and other producers and entities of the sector.

During the visit, the marketing team will attend the different informative conferences, dedicated to the analysis of oil consumption, the optimization of resources in the sector, the keys to the North American olive oil market and the different patterns of consumption and its marketing. All of them will be taught by professionals such as Juan Vilar, author and WOOE (World Olive Oil Exhibition) advisor; Abdelatif Ghedira, executive director of the IOC (International Olympic Committee); Sara Oulbi, researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural Research in Mequinez; Joseph Profaci, executive director of the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA); Miguel Soto López, Secretary General of the Jaen Oil IGP; Isidro J. Gavilán Linares, Director of Quality of the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Oil of Jaén; Sergio Caño, professor of the MBA Olive Oil Production Companies at the University of Jaén; Sergio Miranda, CEO of Integral Business Projects and Founding Partner of Puente Relevo SF (Search Fund); Juan Carlos Marín, head of the Alcampo market; Clara Parejas, Market Manager of the Oleícola Jaén Group and many others. 

In addition, there will be an opportunity to witness the oil tasting by professionals in the tasting room and the Olive Oil Delicatessen awards, which will reward those companies that promote the use of olive oils on their dishes. 

As a result, the team will compile the ideas and insight gathered in the fair about the current state of the sector, in order to inform the ARTOLIO beneficiaries of these changes and help them improve.


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