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ARTOLIO will promote a healthier gastronomy at the 3rd International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health and at the 4th International Congress on Olive Oil, Olive Groves and Health

The University of Jaén (Spain), a partner of ARTOLIO, is also a co-hosting the 3rd International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health symposium, which was first initiated by Yale University. Its objective is to highlight the importance of first, circular economy, the significance of olive oil for both health and bioeconomy and the effect olive oil has in detriment of diseases like colon cancer and mental health problems. The ARTOLIO project, with the collaboration of its partners, oil mills and expert project partners, stands as a representative of the three-days symposium on behalf of the olive oil producers and farmers. 


Thursday 9th:

  • Registration, Opening Ceremony.

Friday 10th: 

  • 9am — 11.30pm: Conference on Olive Oil and Health
  • 12pm — 12.45pm: Conference Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
  • 4pm — 4.45pm:  Conference Agriculture and Climate Change
  • 4.45pm—6.45pm: Roundtable Agriculture and Climate Change
  • 6.45pm—8pm: Key Presentations

Saturday 11th: 

  • 9am- 11.30am: Conference Olive Oil and Health 
  • 12pm-2pm: Successful Business Cases in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
  • 4pm-4.45pm: Conference Marketing and Food
  • 4.45pm-6pm: Roundtable Marketing
  • 6pm-06.45pm: Closing Ceremony

Sunday 12th:

  • 9am-10.30am: Symposium Conclusions

Welcome Organizing Committee: 

Manuel Parras Rosa/Vassilis Vasiliou/Tassos C.Kyriakides Margaritis Schinas (Vice-president of the European Commission responsible for the protection of the European lifestyle).
Carolina Darias San Sebastián (Spanish Minister of Health).
Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla (President Junta de Andalucía). 
Abdellatif Ghedira (Executive Director of International Olive Council (COI)).
Francisco Reyes Martínez (President of Diputación Provincial de Jaén). 
Eric J Velazquez (Chair Cardiology Department Yale School of Medicine).
Juan Gómez Ortega (Dean of the Universidad de Jaén).

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