ARTOLIO supports Israeli olive oil producers for the implementation of the first regional brand: Protected Designation of Origin for traditional olive groves in Galilee.

The Beit Hakerem Cluster, partner of the ARTOLIO project, together with the Israel Olive Oil Council is inviting you for info day on Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) for traditional olive trees, with the participation of international experts from the "Terra Olivo" competition.  

In order to create a marketing leverage for olive oil produced from traditional Galilee orchards, we are interested in exploring the possibility of international recognition (Protected Designation of Origin-P.D.O) and improving the quality of olive oil for traditional Galilee orchards ("Biblical Galilee Olives"). Beyond the commitment to improving the quality of olive oil, promoting the EU's international recognition of Israeli olive oil requires a move for regional legal level, as well as a regional branding process to promote tourism and economic moves.

D.O.P is the top achievement for any food producer, let alone olive oil producers in Israel and Palestine. The EU recognition in a product, through this sort of regional marking, is one of the highest quality stamps a producer can achieve which influence immediately economically.

The project board will include the representatives of the key partners:

  • The Israeli Olive Council will be responsible for the professional definitions (such as varieties, area's, cultivation, oil extraction etc.)
  • Beit Hakerem Cluster and the Galilee Development Authority will be responsible for regional and tourism development.

Agenda - 21.6.21

14:30 - Departure from the "Terra Olivo" competition complex in Shefayim for a tour through the "Million Trees Valley"
16:30 - Arrival at Hanania Farm in the Galilee
17: 00-19: 00 - Lectures and discussion on the outline in which the D.O.P. model will be presented
19:00 - Presentation of a draft of the regulations for participation in a regional
marking project.
19:00-20: 30 - Authentic dinner at a Galilean restaurant
20:30-22:00- Back to the hotel in Shefayim



Tasting experts from the "Terra Olivo" international olive oil competition, Traditional orchards growers from the Galilee participating in the ARTOLIO ENI CBCMED project, Researchers and Instructors in the olive industry sector.

Confirm your participation by email:

Uri Yogev, director of the Israeli Olive Division
Ronit Ovadia, CEO of the Eshkol Beit Hakerem Regional Cluster
Majdi Abed Alrahman, Economic development, Beit Hakerem Regional Cluster

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