Water management: MEDISS Partners Steering Committee web-meeting


1.    Project implementation 

  • State of Play and Expected risks which may prevent the project from achieving its expected results during the 2nd year of the project and possible solution
  • Review of MEDISS rescheduled Gantt Chart for 2019-2020 
  • Partners Presentations on where they stand regarding the project activities under their responsibility

2.    Project Reporting State of Play

  • Periodical Narrative and Financial Reports - WP1: Management 
  • Posting on Website and Facebook - WP2: Communication
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Meeting and interviews - WP5: Awareness and Networking 
  • Uploading on QGIS - WP3: Data Collection and Analysis

3.    Upcoming events and activities over the next six months

4.    Financial status of the project

  • The status of the procurement process and the procurement plan.
  • The status of the expenditure verification
  • The new financial plan of the second year 
  • Extra expenditure verification during the third semester

5.    A.O.B



Partners will meet on Skype 9th of September, 10 am (Jerusalem Time).

The meeting will be coordinated by the MEDISS lead partner, Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG).

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