UNDERGROUND VR ، هو إستخدام لتكنولوجيا holoportation لتجربة غامرة في Vilanova i la Geltrú من خلال مشروع MED GAIMS


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The MED GAIMS project is characterized by the introduction of a novel gamification approach for touristic experiences. This novilty allows the tourists to explore a new dimension in the way tourism is experienced. Within the MED GAIMS project, i2CAT is introducing the Holoportation as a novel immersive technology to experience museums and places of interest in touristic locations.

The goal of the game as designed by i2CAT, is to find 3 pieces of a MAP that contains the final clue for the last room. In order to obtain the 3 pieces, the players will have to interact with several objects, to solve enigmas, and to cooperate.

During the process, the users will feel fully immersed in the scenes thanks to the VR reconstruction, especially to the holoportation technology. The users will indeed be able to see themselves inside the game.

A player will use the Oculus controllers to interact with the 3D environment and interface. In that sense, the player will be able to interact with objects: move physical objects, manipulate the state of static objects, teleport them to a place in the scenario, open doors, etc.

We will keep you posted as the development progresses…!