SME4SMARTCITIES وارد في مجلة "Confindustria Genova" الدورية


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية 

SME4SMARTCITIES (long name - Mediterranean SMEs working together to make cities smarter) is an ENI CBC MED project focused on building cooperation across borders in the Mediterranean.  SME4SMARTCITIES aims to bring together local municipalities and universities to create actions for Smart City business creation and development.


FILES, the project's Italian partner, has been working since the beginning of 2020 to create a fertile environment where companies in the Mediterranean area can collaborate and develop new innovative solutions to give them a greater competitive advantage in the Smart Cities field.  To help these companies achieve success FILES interviewed 50 Italian municipalities of various sizes, paying particular attention to public award procedures, to understand what conditions can successfully stimulate innovation. From this data, FILES ran a comparison against other countries in the project to help identify best innovation practices and understand which policies could be beneficial for the entire Mediterranean basin.


The full article in Italian can be found here. Follow the SME4SMARTCITIES project on Twitter to stay updated on these findings, and more.