SIRCLES: دعوة لتقديم لعطاء لمدقق حسابات خارجي في فلسطين

  المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

House of Water and Environment (HWE), partner of the SIRCLES project in Palestine, requests a quotation for an external auditor.

SIRCLES project provides marketable skills for the future and new job opportunities in the circular economy and bio waste management sectors for NEET & Women.

HWE invites interested auditors to submit their quotation via email to or in sealed envelopes to be sent to HWE offices at the address 41 Khaled Ibn El-Walid Street Al Sharafeh, Al-Bireh Ramallah, Palestine

The main responsibilities of the auditor will be the following:
•    Perform audit of the project accounts
•    Produce timely expenditure verification reports (EVR) on the projects account (1st interim – 2nd interim – final reports).


The specific ToRs for the auditor are available in the following annexes:

Annex 1 Expenditure verification procedure. 

And these additional documents to be considered for the procedure:

Annex 2 Check-list auditor. 

Annex 3 Individual report

Qualifications and skills:
•    A Master's Degree in Accounting and/or Audit
•    Registered at the Palestinian Association of Certified Public accountants (PACPA) ( according to the requirements set by the ENI Implementing Rules (art. 32) and in compliance with the national requirements.


Special condition:
The chosen audit firm will verify the expenses declared in each Financial Report, according to ENI Implementing rules and procedures and the requirements set out as per the grant contract.

The duration of the project is 30 Months (starting February 2021).

The deadline for submission is May 10, 2021.