شارك الشريك الاردني AAST في مشروع MAIA-TAQA في ندوة إلكترونية إقليمية على شبكة الإنترنت حول "الطاقة المتجددة عالية المستوى وكفاءة الطاقة - HEBA" في 20 تموز 2020

As part of MAIA-TAQA's capitalization plan to engage with different stakeholders in the field of renewable energy, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AAST) partner no. 5 in MAIA-TAQA's team, attended the online regional webinar on "High Level Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - HEBA" on July the 20th 2020.
This webinar is a deliverable of the Erasmus Plus Project entitled: High Level Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Master Courses whose partners are universities from Austria, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt for building capacity of Egypt in renewable energy and energy efficiency to build a model for the environment change in Egypt and use that to draw a roadmap for the renewable energy and urban planning.

Referring to MAIA-TAQA’s work package 4 which will focus on capacity building for sustainable services, attending the HEBA webinar provided MAIA-TAQA team with information about local experts in the fields of renewable energy who can be potential trainers and assist in the capacity building activities of MAIA-TAQA.

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