RESMYLE - إطلاق منصة التدريب لتنظيم ورشات التدريب الميداني لNEETs


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The online launching event of the e-learning platform coordinated by AMESCI was held online on 5 January 2021 and involved 40 participants and trainers from 5 countries (France, Jordan, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia) and allowed to share contents, expectations of the participants, their concerns as well as elements of logistics.

The objective of the platform is to train 24 trainers who will be in charge of organising and implementing the training workshops on the ground in the 5 partner countries on the themes of social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

The autonomous part of the training is accessible to all in order to reach the maximum number of people interested in the RESMYLE themes of social inclusion of the Mediterranean youth and sustainable development.

==> You can register and start your training here.

The process, coordinated by AMESCI, thanks to the contribution of the entire partnership and a team of translators, has seen the preparation of 22 training sheets accessible in French, English, Arabic and Italian on various topics including: sustainable development, project management, working with local communities, interculturality, conflict management and skills for lifelong learning, etc.

In addition, 10 live streaming training sessions are also planned in January and February. They will constitute the practical and collective exchange part of the training.

 Following these sessions, all this content will be accessible to all.


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RESMYLE is a project that aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development.

To learn more, visit RESMYLE's ENICBCMED page.