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“Promoting innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development - CLUSTER4GREEN”

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The creation of economic opportunities through the promotion and development of the Mediterranean circular economy is the essence of CLUSTER4GREEN. In a vast part of the region, the leverage potential of circular economy is still lagging, deeply affecting the capacity of green sectors to generate wealth and jobs. CLUSTER4GREEN will take on the legacy of several previous projects that paved the way for the adoption of sustainable models of development, based on the circular concept, in industries like textile, building or smart cities. It will continue the green path with the generation of a “Common MED Circular Economy Programme” aimed at supporting both the green entrepreneurs and the local authorities responsible for the creation of an adequate green business environment. Innovative and sustainable business models will be elaborated and presented to a wide number of enterprises during specific training and assistance activities. As a final step on the green way, sustainable investment alliances will be established forging Public-Private Partnerships at national and international scale: as a result, the project will contribute to the “greening” of several Mediterranean industrial sectors at pilot level. 

المعلومات الرئيسية

“Promoting innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development - CLUSTER4GREEN”
A.1 تطوير الأعمال والشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة
A.1.2 أورو-متوسطيه تجمعات إقتصادية
إيطاليا, فرنسا, إسبانيا, مصر, تونس, لبنان, الأردن

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Project outputs




To support MSMEs in adopting circular economy innovation processes and in establishing national and international consolidated collaboration agreements including the building of Public-Private Partnerships

ما الذي سيتم تحسينه؟

CLUSTER4GREEN ambition in terms of impact is of the outmost importance, neither more nor less than addressing one of the biggest challenges of the Mediterranean area: create new economic opportunities that translate into the most precious good, jobs. Through this goal, the project is well armed to contribute to it. The green “weapon” that the project will use to generate growth is the activation of actual and practical Public-Private Partnerships that will trigger effective green entrepreneurships based on circular economy sound business models. By raising the capacities of entrepreneurs to sustainably go greener and the capacities of the public and private authorities to frame and fund greener, the Mediterranean ecosystem will be more ready than ever to generate green businesses and green jobs.

من المستفيد؟

  • Industrial clusters & MSMEs 
  • Circular economy experts
  • Investment public and private organizations 
  • Policy-makers

الإنجازات المتوقعة

  • 2 integrated sustainable and socially responsible investment strategies
  • 1 network gathering more than 150 participants
  • 1 programme for integrated innovative clustering management 
  • 1 circular economy programme
  • 1 comprehensive training delivered to more than 60 MSMEs
  • Personal assistance provided to 20 MSMEs
  • 1 national sustainable investment framework event
  • 1 sustainable investment alliance forging effective PPPs

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