The potential of artisanal salinas for sustainable tourism development under the project MedArtSal

Did you miss ENI CBC Med Programme webinar for World Tourism Day? You can watch it again and discover what MedArtSal sub-granted salinas in Lebanon are planning to improve sustainable tourism activities. 

Georges Sleiman, owner of Sleiman's salinas ملاحات ال سليمان in Anfeh presents its business activity from minute 17:16 of this video!

Every year on 27th September, the World Tourism Organization, a United Nations agency, celebrates the World Tourism Day. This year, while the tourism sector tries to restart, the ENI CBC Med Programme joined the celebration by promoting a webinar focusing on the potential role of tourism for inclusive growth.

By inclusive growth, it is meant developing the tourism sector while it benefits to everyone including those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic effects: women, young people, marginalized groups and the most vulnerable

The ENI CBC MED EU-programme, supports projects that have a positive impact on local communities socially, economically and environmentally.

During the 1-hour event on 27 of September, the Programme took us to visit two stunning places which potential as tourism destination is being enhanced thanks to the efforts of ENI CBC Med funded projects:

  • The artisanal salinas of Anfeh (أنفه), located in North Lebanon, which revitalization and business diversification through the MedArtSal also involves sustainable tourism development;
  • The village of Battir along the Palestinian Heritage Trail in Palestine where the CROSSDEV project is actively working to boost tourism attractiveness and associate local communities in benefitting from tourism-related income.  

Enjoy the video!