ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM و MAIA-TAQA يعززان التحالفات الإستراتيجية بين الزراعة العضوية وخدمات كفاءة الموارد


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The two ENI CBC Med Programme projects, MAIA-TAQA and ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM held a webinar and two networking sessions to facilitate synergies and create opportunities among stakeholders working in organic agriculture and renewable energies in the Mediterranean region.

The webinar was held on the 19th of January, with a great number of attendees, more than 90, from all around the Mediterranean region. This high number of stakeholders highlighted the importance and potential that these two sectors have when they are combined. This session was also an opportunity to explain to the general public the impact and benefits of MAIA-TAQA and ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM and how they could get involved. 

Due to the high number of attendees the team decided to carry out the networking session on separate days, the 25th and 27th of January one in English and one in Arabic. During this session, the attendees, a total of 26, had the opportunity to pitch their companies, ask questions, and exchange contact details.

This action showed the importance of networking to develop meaningful connections and embodied the spirit of mutual support of the ENI CBC Med Programme. ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM and MAIA-TAQA team hope to serve as an inspiration for other projects to replicate combined actions like this to maximize the impact of their projects.


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