Palestine: the municipality of Anabta steps up its efforts in the management of organic waste thanks to DECOST project

Tahseen Sayara

During the last week of august, the teams from the Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie (PTUK) and the Anabta Municipality involved in the implementation of the DECOST pilot activity started a new phase of collaboration. Since the official beginning of the pilot activity to introduce community composting as the main strategy to manage the organic waste management in this town of the Tulkarem region, the university and municipality representatives are in permanent contact to discuss upcoming steps and actions. During next months this relationship will be more intense, in order to work together in the continuation of the pilot deployment at technical level and in the definition of the awareness raising campaign.

Considering the proposed new model, the awarness raisinf campaign is crucial. It has to ensure that all the citizens, who will be the primary users of the new composters, are properly informed about the benefits for the municipality and for the environment, to motivate their participation and implication. For this reason, they will contact mosques Imams’ to talk about home composting during the prayer of Fridays.

They will also continue house visits, to spread home composting concepts for potential participants, and they will cooperate with the directorate of education in Tulkarem to arrange for school visits for awareness campaigns and to establish environmental and composting competition among Anabta and Kufr Rumman schools.

Some volunteers’ teams will be initiated to spread the idea in the town, specially focused in young people. In addition, they will contact relevant women of the municipality to assist in spreading composting concept. Another important point will be the activity in reporting success stories among participants through TV and press, to spread the pilot experience to other interested towns in Palestine or beyond.