University of Palermo, Italian partner of iHERITAGE, is looking for an External Auditor


The University of Palermo (UNIPA), one of the Italian partners of the iHERITAGE project, has recently published a call of interest looking for a Senior Expert-External Auditor. 

The assignment will consist of validating and certifying the expenses incurred by the partner, that will have to be submitted for the examination to the ENI CBC MED program management authority jointly with the requests for payment.

For more information on the scope of work and application process kindly visit to following link: and search for: “Pubblicazione n.2134 del 06/08/2021”

Interested parties must submit the application form -compliant with attachment no. 1 of the notice-, with CV and assessable qualifications, by 27 August, under penalty of exclusion from the comparative procedure.

The expected effort related to the development of the tasks is valued in 21 months (5 Units according to project budget) for a total amount of € 6.500,00.