RESMYLE: DATES update - participate for free in the workshop on the development of ecotourism in the region of Tyre in Lebanon


From 1st to 14th of november 2021, ADR, RESMYLE partner will welcome 8 young people from Lebanon and 4 from France, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia in a workshop focusing on the valorization of the cultural identity and natural Heritage in villages of Tyr Caza in order to promote and sustain ecotourism services in the region.

All the expenses for hosting and travel are covered by the RESMYLE project!

If you are a young person (18-29 years) without an occupation or who do not attend school or training course you can apply:
- For national applications from Lebanon, please directly write to Hiba Fawaz, project manager:
- For international applications from France, Italy, Tunisia and Jordan :