ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM technical assistance platform: ask experts and find partners in the field of organic agriculture



ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM has launched a technical assistance platform to support and accompany companies and professionals working or interested in the sector of organic agriculture in the Mediterranean region. If your answer is yes to any of the questions below, the platform can be of big help. 

  • Need help with Organic Certification, Export, Marketing, Agrotech, Techniques ?
  • Work on Organic Farming in the Mediterranean region?
  • Transitioning from Traditional Agriculture to Organic Agriculture ?
  • Looking for partners or experts working on organic agriculture in Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Greece or Tunisia?

Register on the platform to benefit from all the services. This plaftorm is available in English, Arabic, French, Greek and Italian. All the consultancy services offered are free of charge.

What to find on this platform?

  • Data bases of experts in different fields related to organic agriculture based in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon with whom you can connect for free via video call or chat.
  • List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in relation to Organic Agriculture in the Mediterranean region.
  • When you join the platform you are also joining a regional movement to boost the organic agriculture sector in the Mediterranean region.

Registration:Step by Step

1.       Register you or your company / farm / professional profile.

2.       Open a request. You can make question about:

a.       Agriculture production for organic farming

b.       Financial Services with emphasis to agriculture products

c.       Marketing, access to markets, branding, label requirements

d.       Organic certification process

e.       Renewable energy, innovative value chain

f.        Traceability process and implementation

g.       Organic agro-processing (HHACCP, GMP, ISO..)

h.       Statistics (import, export, seasonality…)

i.         Organic post-harvests handling, management, transportation

j.         Organic livestock and dairy production and processing

k.       Organic poultry

3.       Connect with the expert. You can chat or video call as many times as you need until your request is solved.

4.       Receive support from an expert about your request.

5.       If your request it’s been asked many times, it will be post in the FAQ list (anonymously), so it can help other people.

6. Start over again.


Using the technical assistance platform of ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM has allowed me to ease the organic certification procedure in Lebanon. The expert explained to me the papers and steps I had to follow and accompanied me through the whole process. Now, I can focus on enlarging my exports to the EU with a higher added value. 


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