MYSEA project Open Day in Italy: promoting a collective reflection on the next challenges for the training and labour inclusion of youth, women, and NEETs

The Open Day launches the MYSEA project in Italy and focuses on the research activities which will actively involve stakeholders from the Sicily and Lazio regions, key actors for the evaluation of strengths and challenges for youth, entrepreneurs, and educational sectors in our country and for the identification of solutions to follow in order to create conditions for development, competitiveness and innovation in the short, medium and long term.

The event aims at promoting a collective reflection on the next challenges for the training and labour inclusion of youth, women, and NEETs, to identify actions which are efficient and shared with economic actors of the green and blue economy, training institutions and policy makers responsible for the elaboration of sound employment policies.

In particular, the debate will investigate the centrality of training needs and skill mismatch analysis to increase the employability of youth, women, and NEETs. Hence the need to analyze the agri-food and waste management sectors and their features, including the educational ones, which allow for a full exploitation of opportunities of economic growth and job creation, to mitigate risks and to drive public interest.



7 July 2021, 10h00 - 12h00 (Rome time)



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The agenda includes interventions by: Elisabetta Meandri, President of Cies Onlus; Giada Geraci (officer of the Ministery of Labour and Social Policies – DG for Immigration and Integration Policies; Fabrizio Micari (Dean of the University of Palermo); Stefano Colazza (Director of SAAF department); Maria Crescimanno (Chief scientist for the MYSEA project – University of Palermo); Martina Ruggiero (Junior Project Manager for MYSEA project - CIES ONLUS); Antonino Galati (Project Manager for MYSEA, university of Palermo); Anna Carroccio (Research fellow for MYSEA, University of Palermo); Fahmi Al Rub - (Project Manager for MYSEA, Just University); Thanos Lakratis (Project Manager for MYSEA, Eurotraining); Margherita Valori – Expert on career guidance and job counseling – Vocation Training and Professional Counseling Desk, Cies Onlus; Francesco Zaralli – ‘La strada del Vino’, territorial area of Latina; Salvatore Cacciola – Network ‘Fattorie Sociali Sicilia’; Emanuele Vita – Agricultural enterprise GEVA; Giovanni Dara Guccione – Dara Guccione – Biofarm; Giuseppe Mondello – Company for the regulation of waste, Province of Messina; Antonino Algozino – PescAgri; Luca Stefanini, technical assistance for labour policies - Anpal Servizi; Loredana Gionne, International Cooperation Director for Cies Onlus.

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The event is part of a broader launch schedule of the project which includes, together with the Italian Open Day of 7th July, events in Jordan the 5th of July (held on-site), in Tunisia the 12th of July (online streaming) and in Greece the 15-16th July (online streaming).

The MYSEA project is funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme. Total Budget: €3.6 million; EU contribution: €3.3 million (90%)


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