MED GAIMS in Jordan: I will through the dice and Tracing History will teach me


Tracing History is a board game with gridded squares containing written information and pictures about main features of the archeological site of Umm Qais. The board is connected to a sound system and screen that shows information and videos about features of Umm Qais. The game's main concept is to immerse tourists in the history of Umm Qais and help them learn and explore the historical features of Umm Qais while playing. 

The player starts the game by pressing the button "start" and then moves his/her counter to the lighted square; players should follow the board's instructions when climbing or falling. Throughout the game, players will read information, hear data and watch movies about the main features of Umm Qais. The first player who reaches the highest space on the board wins the game. 2 to 4 players can play and it takes from 20 to 40 minutes to complete it.

This game is under the educational and entertainment category; it will help to engage the tourists in Umm Qais historical site in an entertaining way. It should increase tourists' flows, enhance and prolong the tourist´s experience, and offer a new way to experience Umm Qais features and interaction with locals.