CRE@CTIVE project presented at 'Digital Made' event, creating promising cooperation opportunities


On Thursday 20 May, ARCA Consortium (Italy), partner of the CRE@CTIVE project, participated as keynote speaker in the third edition of the 'Digital Made' contest organized by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD).

The 'Fondazione Mondo Digitale' is a non profit organization based in Rome committed to the creation of inclusive digital learning in society. Since 2014 FMD has been looking into the fashion industry and how technologies can make the sector more ethical, sustainable and accessible to everyone. 

The Digital Made Contest is a special event, dedicated to technology and on this occasion synergies were created amongst the growing network of companies and designers in Sicily and beyond and the FDM.

The scope of the event was, on the one hand to present the work of designer and startups coming from the local econ system to the contest and on the other to present how innovation can flow from EU-projects, such as CRE@CTIVE, ALLER and ReFREAM, to the territories. The CRE@CTIVE project was presented as one of the opportunities for the transfer of knowledge while boosting creativity in the Mediterranean basin through the creation of new cross border communities of companies and designer from the traditional sectors supported by European communities already established by project partners such as AITEX, the Municipality of Prato and ARCA.