MED4EBM: Establishing a stakeholder cooperation & coordination platform for implementing Ecosystem-Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Gulf of Corigliano - Italy

The First Workshop (25th February; 4th, 11th and 18th March) focused the participatory thematic scoping for the EB-ICZM-DSS application. During the Second Workshop (31st March and 22nd April) the stakeholders continue their participatory activity and elaborate diagrams, visual representations of the thematic scoping reports.

The third workshop 6th and 13th May 2021 will be the  final step of the Ecosystem Context Analysis is for the EBM planning team to develop a set of quantitative indicators and indexes to quantitatively characterize each component and sub-component of the system-diagram. All the information and data from technical report, scientific papers as well from any other relevant source will be collected and analysed to enter the proper information.

The expected outcomes will be a list of indicators and indexes, written directly in the ISP software, for the EB-ICZM-DSS application in the Gulf of Corigliano.  The stakeholders will suggest an indicator (name), a brief description (definition, formulas,  essential information), update frequency (helpful in scheduling a recurring surveys; how many times and when do I have to apply the protocol into the field and collect a certain kind of data and/or to calculate an indicator?), data source (where this kind of indicator is used or the data to extrapolate it could be found) and notes (if any).


Workshop Agenda (English)

Workshop Agenda (Italian) 

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