Promote the cooperation of innovative SMEs, start-ups and SMEs, players in the world of research and the environment, third sector with the aim of supporting and developing sustainable communities and strengthening the real economy through technology
A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation
A.2.1: Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors
The project proposes an active tool for the management of logistics, management and sales processes,
including well-defined procedures such as:
• Estimate, final reporting and invoicing;
• Multi-warehouse management policies;
• Purchase negotiations;
• Document the areas with multi-user interaction (Sales, Accounting, Customer, Offices).
• Industry 4.0 procedure Predictive logistics enabled for RFID Etc.
• Active tracking of products at environmental risk (from the producer to the consumer, up to the collection
of waste material for disposal);
• Active and direct management of the entire process (economic, logistic and operational) of
redevelopment of products at environmental risk.
These processes are not just an innovation, but have fallen into a single platform that aims to make these
processes interoperable and fully supervised. Finally, the platform itself represents a product that boasts
inventive activity since it was designed with principles of modularity and scalability to adapt to the
processes of a fast and dynamic technological reality. The platform not only has the ability to always
integrate new features but has the ultimate aim of ensuring "compliance" with the various legislative
changes in the energy products sector, such as a complete platform that uses the DB as a means of
communication and coordination between the systems operating.
The topics in this energy sector are:
- management of complex industrial networks and related dynamic supply chains thanks to current and
potential ICT solutions in the forecasting sector,
planning, monitoring, measurement;
- methods and techniques for the strategic evaluation of the product process from a Life Cycle
Engineering perspective, thanks also to the growing availability of data and information based on the
Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm;- modeling and simulation at the individual company and network level,
able to capture the collaborative and dynamic dimension.
The project focuses on the creation of a technological infrastructure, scalable also on other supply chains,
in the Energy sector with the aim of developing and promoting, in the Mediterranean Basin, synergistic
and Transversal cooperations that can standardize specific standards in terms of production, trade, tax,
regulatory, environmental and social issues.
This infrastructure will allow the implementation, integration, development and education in respect of the
environment with the creation of a single "Ecosystem Process Med" network clauster
The project is linked to the strategic lines of R & D INNOVATIVA in the specific sector of lubricating oils
and energy products, logistics and with the current enabling technologies (KEY Enabling Technologies).
The strategic lines of intervention identified for the project activity are:
- Tools and methods for the strategic evaluation of the product process system from the point of view of
Life Cycle Engineering;
- Innovative business models based on the integrated offer of product services;
- Tools for managing collaborative companies and dynamic supply chains;
- Integration of design and development processes into life cycle management
- Integrated modeling of the product process
- eco-efficiency optimization system (energy and resources)
- Business models for the "Circular Economy"
- Technologies and methods for the factory for people
- Technologies and applications of virtual and augmented reality for the management of the product
process system
- Solutions for integrated maintenance, quality and logistics management for "Zero-Defect" production-
CyberPhysical Systems (CPS) for the smart factory.
The leading SGM project being unique in its kind both in terms of innovativeness, applicability and
inventiveness, scalable on different supply chains and undergoing an international extension, in addition
to having in its network associated partners operating in different industrial sectors, products and
professionals and social identifies in the technology transfer its core to develop and promote international
cooperation on the Mediterranean with particular attention to the countries of the MPC partners.
The project will contribute synergistically to enhance and mobilize technological, commercial, intellectual
and social exchanges on the Mediterranean basin, as well as to develop transversal synergies that allow
the socio-economic exchange and enhancement of the territories involved,
all in respect of the environment and in support of a circular economy with particular attention to the
energy sector.
The Technological transfer aims at intensifying and Developing the supply chains involved in a production
process perspective integrated with a sustainable and traceable economy, competitive and respectful of
the international quality standards and above all of the environment and
incentivising, supporting a circular economy by promoting the collection of exhausted and vegetable
oils.This network aims to build a technological infrastructure capable of transferring technologies and
know-how capable of supporting the development of the necessary technical, human, tax and regulatory
skills of strategic and productive assets united in a single vision shared for the Mediterranean for the
common good of all the actors involved.
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