MEDWAYCAP Itinerant Exhibition

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الطريق المتوسطي لرسملة الإبتكار نحو تنمية حضرية-ريفية متكاملة لموارد المياه غير التقليدية
4.1 Water efficiency
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MEDWAYCAP Itinerant Exhibition
A travelling exhibition of posters and small models realised to tell the story of proposals for managing non-conventional water resources, bringing technical solutions directly to the people. The heart of the exhibition is a collection of case studies and methodologies on the reuse of treated wastewater. Thirteen projects told through an original and sustainable apparatus. The main objective of the exhibition is to facilitate access to and the promotion of good practices in unconventional forms, taking into account the user experience.
Education and training material
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Climate change and biodiversity ; Construction and renovation ; Green technologies ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; New products and services ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Urban development
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