RESMYLE workshops' capitalisation

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إعادة توجيه، توظيف، وإندماج إجتماعي لشباب حوض المتوسط من خلال التنمية المستدامة
3.1 Professionalization of young people (NEETS) and women
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RESMYLE workshops' capitalisation
Step into the vibrant realm of RESMYLE's workshops! These 15 days sessions engaged 179 participants in 5 countries to immersive environmental challenges. Uncover the skills they honed and dive into their uplifting stories, showcasing their dedication to sustainability!
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Climate change and biodiversity ; Construction and renovation ; Costal management and maritime issues ; Cultural heritage and arts ; Education and training ; Energy efficiency ; Social inclusion and equal opportunities ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Tourism ; Waste and pollution
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