INVESTMED Capacity Building explained: Part 1 Sustainable Management Training Programme

In this video, Prof. Giovanni Ferri of LUMSA University, Project Partner in INVESTMED discusses the training programme and capacity building activities carried out under the INVESTMED project where over 100 budding entrepreneurs benefitted from the Sustainable Business Management webinars and training cycles that took place in each country, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

He first explains the philosophy behind the project and the methodologies and approaches implemented to achieve its goals. Then he moves to focus specifically on the training activities.

The training was aimed at women and young people. There were 7 training cycles in Egypt, and Tunisia, and 6 in Lebanon. Each cycle was focused on the green, blue, and cultural and creative industries, and also special focus on renewable energies, with synchronous and asynchronous teaching sessions. The project also held 11 webinars to complement and deepen the knowledge learned in the training exercises. Finally, to close the training, LUMSA held the INVESTMED Summer School in Rome, tying together the strands learned over the course of the project. This first video focuses on the first part of activites. You can find the other two videos also on the website. 

Watch the video and the series for more details on the activities and lessons learned.