MEDWAYCAP: an interactive map on the MENAWARA platform to discover water innovations


An interactive map focused on non-conventional water to discover MEDWAYCAP capitalised projects is now available in the MENAWARA platform!
The 3D interactive map aims to show the territorial coverage of the best practices developped within the framework of the different projects capitalised by MEDWAYCAP.

The MEDWAYCAP Interactive map provides collaborative and interactive learning   opportunities, offering a dynamic and engaging way to learn about the BPs developped in the different Mediterranean countries. This map comes from a collaborative effort of all partners who provided their BPs by telling their stories through the method of the storytelling. An explanatory sheet has also been provided.

The map includes a total of n. 18 BPs located in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain. Different techniques focusing on non-conventional water are described such as reverse osmosis (RO) desalination, green walls for greywater recovery, prototype ammonia stripping plant for fertilization, Forested Infiltration Area System (FIA) to mitigate nitrate contamination in the aquifer, rainwater harvesting, eco-Innovative wastewater treatment Process to treat and reuse municipal wastewater, rehabilitation of sewage treatment ponds, biogas production from wastewater and organic waste and innovative approaches in the constructed wetlands.

The 3D map allow users to interact with the virtual environment by moving in different directions in order to reach different geographical locations. Users will be able to access detailed information about specific points of interest on the map. By clicking on one of the points, for example, users will be able to view multimedia content such as infographics, videos, photos, external and internal links with the MENAWARA and AQUACYCLE’ platforms, and the MEDWAYCAP’ BPs inventory.
The map and its contents will be responsive and navigable both from desktop computers and tablets/smartphones, maintaining the same interactive logic.

The 3D map is uploaded in the MENAWARA platform: come to visit it.