Le Joyau d'Olive, Lebanon: Introduction and Plans under INVESTMED

At the INVESTMED Mid-term event, MSME Le Joyau d'Olive based in Lebanon explains their business plans under the INVESTMED project.

Le Joyau d’Olive was built in 2020 to help small artisans reach international markets. The company aims to save Lebanese cultural and environmental heritage by supporting the entire supply chain of artisanal soap made of virgin olive oil, with no synthetics or additives. The company is deeply connected with Lebanese history, as natural olive oil soap-making techniques were first perfected some 4,000 years ago. Generations have lived using these natural soaps with some of the oldest olive tree groves on the globe. However, the craft is fading, and markets are flooded with cheap synthetic imported soaps. Against that backdrop, Le Joyau d’Olive was created to reverse the trend, save the ancient olive trees, and reintroduce natural cosmetics into our cities as our ancestors knew them.

Since its establishment, the brand has won 5 international branding awards, is exported to 10 geographies abroad and is expanding. They are working with artisans across the country and are also in the process of developing our production facility. In addition, they have introduced natural liquid soaps and look forward to expanding into natural cosmetics.