STAND Up! launches the Eco-innovations Marketplace


The STAND Up! Transfer of eco-innovative technologies Marketplace aims to support the development of innovative solutions crowd-sourced through the Open eco-innovation platform.


What is the Open Eco-innovation platform ?

Without new ideas or inventions there can’t be eco-innovative businesses and without commercialization there’s no innovation. The objective of the Open Eco-Innovation platform is to bring together eco-innovation actors to strengthen the Mediterranean ecosystem supporting the development of sustainable innovations in any activity sector. This novel tool has been developed by Medwaves, within the framework of SwitchMed, a programme funded by the European Union, and STAND Up!, an EU funded project under the ENI CBC Med Programme.


Why an Eco-innovation marketplace ?

The objective of this Marketplace is to foster the transfer of eco-innovative solutions between innovators/start-ups proposing new circular products, services, processes or business models and companies, institutions and organisations looking for solutions for their challenges and procurement needs.

The Marketplace will display the latest eco-innovations from the most innovative start-ups around the Mediterranean: from products and services to process and system innovations, especially from the clothing and textile sector.

This is not a regular sustainable products marketplace. Instead, this Marketplace specifically emphasizes the eco-innovative nature of its products and services. Indeed, STAND Up! partners have established a detailed set of criteria on eco-innovation in order to display only eco-innovative items.

The Marketplace is there in particular for:

  • Early and growth stage businesses in the textile and clothing sector, proposing circular innovations
  • Research institutions, industrial manufacturers or companies looking for circular innovations in the textile sector


Would you like to be part of a unique marketplace with the most eco-innovative solutions of the Mediterranean?

Do you know a start-up/organisation who should be part of it?

  1. Go to
  2. Register as a user of the Open Eco-Innovations Platform
  3. Choose the tab: “Eco-Innovations Marketplace
  4. Click on “How do I display my eco-innovation?”