Enrico Andreini


FISH MED NET hosts the final event in Rome on 4th of July, 2023

The FISH MED NET project is concluding its journey and would like to share the opportunity of showcasing everyone what its purpose was and what has been achieved in the past years. This last and final event will be held at Palazzo Merulana (Rome) on the 4th of July, 2023 and will be a unique opportunity where selected stakeholders from all partner countries will express how being a fisher is important along with the importance of diversifying their main activity to sustain their lifestyle while modeling good and ethical fishing practices in complete respect of UN SDGs.

Success stories and challenges from from France, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia will be shared. Key institutional spokespeople participating to this event will also address the future of fishers and add further value to the overall message of the event on how alliances and business networking will allow them thrive in today's world. This will pave the way for thoughts and strategies to be adopted for future projects in order to continue the efforts put forth by FISH MED NET, as well as, to uplift fishers and their local communities.

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