GIMED : Empowering Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the Poultry Industry in Eygpt


Meet Eng. Mohamed Shoshan, an experienced Agriculture engineer specialized in food and science technology. With his expertise and passion for sustainability, Eng. Shoshan embarked on a remarkable journey to establish Karma Poultry, a pioneering startup that has transformed the poultry industry.

Karma Poultry, a pioneering startup, has revolutionized the poultry industry through its unwavering commitment to sustainability and organic practices. Let's take a closer look at their inspiring journey, from their experience with the ENI CBC MED program to the positive impact they have on society and their key takeaways from GIMED training.

The ENI CBC MED program provided Karma Poultry with a platform to showcase their efforts in preserving the environment, which is often overlooked in their industry. This opportunity allowed them to embrace sustainability and make informed decisions for their business.

Through the GIMED training, the companys assessed sustainability, set clear goals, and received support from mentors, investors, and business leaders. Access to funding, grants, and business development support propelled their growth, enabling them to achieve significant milestones.

By implementing sustainable practices, Karma Poultry achieved financial savings by reducing energy consumption and waste disposal costs. Their green business model set them apart from competitors and attracted eco-conscious consumers seeking environmentally-friendly products and services. Compliance with regulations and a steadfast dedication to sustainability solidified Karma Poultry's reputation as a trusted brand. This foundation opened doors for future export opportunities, paving the way for further growth.

Karma Poultry's impact extends beyond their operations and reaches society at large. Through organic farming practices and humane treatment of their chickens, they deliver high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly products. Their commitment to environmental sustainability includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting biodiversity, and implementing sustainable practices.Embracing social responsibility, Karma Poultry actively supports local communities, creating job opportunities and fostering community development. They believe in nurturing a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Karma Poultry's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the power businesses have in nurturing sustainability for a better future. Their organic practices, dedication to environmental preservation, and commitment to societal welfare have set new industry standards. As they continue to champion sustainable practices and strive for continuous improvement, Karma Poultry lights the path for others to follow.