MED4EBM in Tunisia organies an awareness event about bird conservation

This awareness event will be the continuity of the first awareness caravan, executed on 27 May 2022, in the framework of the Mediterranean Forum For Applied Ecosystem-Based Management (MED4EBM) project.

The INSTM, Tunisian partner of MED4EBM, will organize the second awareness caravan to sensitize primary school students on the conservation and the main threats to migratory birds in the Kneiss islands nature reserve.

The activity entails reaching out to the students in their classrooms (2 schools in the Ghraiba delegation). Groups of animators will make several interventions using educational posters (annex 1) illustrating the birds of the islands and some awareness messages, to highlight the important biodiversity of the water birds in the Kneiss islands and to acquaint the children with the birds of their islands.

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