MED-QUAD in Jordan organises the 2nd training for the City Development Groups


Al-Balqa Applied University, the Jordanian partner for the MED-QUAD project, funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean program, has invited the City Development Group (CDG) representatives of the Quadruple Helix Approach to participate in the 2nd training session.  The 2nd one-week training will occur from 04 to 08 June 2023 in Irbid, Jordan, at the Al-Balqa Applied University.

The focus of the 1st training session was to enable CDGs to think long term about the city's prospects and research needs. The CDG's participation in the 2nd training session will be a valuable opportunity for the Jordanian members to learn from experienced urban development experts and share their knowledge and insights with other participants. The training is expected to cover various city planning, development, and management topics.

The MED-QUAD project aims to promote sustainable economic growth and social development in the Mediterranean region. The project focuses on promoting the quadruple helix model, which involves the collaboration of government, academia, industry, and civil society to address complex societal challenges.

Prof. Rebhi Damseh, the representative of the AL-Balqa Applied University (BAU) and MED-QUAD project in Jordan, highlighted that the training session, titled "Training of the City Development Group (CDG)," aims to equip CDG members with the knowledge and skills needed to understand better and tackle the challenges facing urban areas. By collaborating with MED-QUAD, the CDG is taking a significant step towards promoting sustainable urban development and improving the quality of life for city dwellers.