GIMED: Native Nurseries are empowering resilient landscaping in Lebanon


Native Nurseries is a Lebanese startup committed to promoting resilient landscaping practices by incorporating native trees and shrubs that are well-suited to local environmental conditions. As part of their journey with the GIMED program, we had the opportunity to interview this promising venture and learn more about their innovative approach to tree planting.

Khaled Salem, the founder of Native Nurseries, is an agriculture engineer with a specialization in biodiversity, reforestation, and nursery production. After discovering that traditional tree pots with a circulating root system can be detrimental to a tree's health, Salem developed an innovative solution using air pots. By pruning root tips and allowing for more roots inside the soil, air pots promote the growth of a fibrous root system that helps trees produce healthier leaves and stems. This technique allows trees to thrive and flourish in their natural environment. This revolutionary approach has helped Native Nurseries become a leader in the industry.

Native Nurseries has a niche market of people who admire native trees, almost all of whom are educated about the importance of native trees and shrubs. Their nurseries are necessary for the fast production rate to maximize the business turnover. Since their establishment, they have produced more than 500,000 seedlings that have found their way to reforestation sites.

"Our company recognized the need to improve our business and increase our reach to the wider market. We applied to the GIMED program with the hope of maximizing our sales and connecting with more potential customers. The Berytech team provided us with valuable resources and insights into effective marketing and management strategies. They were a great support system throughout our journey. Thanks to their guidance, our company was able to make significant progress and reach new heights."

For the entrepreneur, one of the biggest key takeaways from GIMED training was the interest in making a positive impact on the environment and the know-how to calculate the carbon footprint of the business. The biggest constraints that Khaled faced during the establishment of his project was educating people about the importance of using native trees and shrubs in their landscape.

With the systems proposed by Native Nurseries, customers can reap the benefits of having more resilient vegetation that requires the least care.


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