MEDWAYCAP Exhibition Showcases Sustainable Water Solutions at City of Sciences of Tunis on World Water Day 2023


The MEDWAYCAP exhibition is a travelling Mediterranean exhibition that left Sicily to land in Tunis at the National Library, a place of knowledge and debate, then at the Gabes Youth Complex to interact, raise awareness and inspire young people in the southern region. Finally, it went back to Tunis at the City of Sciences, one of the leading centres of scientific research and education in Tunisia, to celebrate the World Water Day with water stakeholders and citizens on 19 March 2023. The exhibition is an interactive display that promotes sustainable water solutions and responds to the priorities of World Water Day 2023.

The exhibition is part of the MEDWAYCAP project, which aims to promote sustainable water practices in partner countries, including Italy, Tunisia and Jordan. It presents proposed solutions, case studies and methodologies related to the valorisation of non-conventional water (NCW), with a focus on circularity and closing water-related loops. Its objectives are in line with World Water Day 2023, which aims to accelerate change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. Indeed, dysfunctional water cycles are undermining progress on global issues such as health, hunger, gender equality, access to employment and education, disasters and peace. On the other hand, the exhibition shows solutions that could be adopted by the international community committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 of the 2030 Agenda, which aims to ensure access to water and hygienic sanitation for all by 2030.

On 19 March 2023, the exhibition was opened to visitors at the City of Sciences of Tunis on the occasion of World Water Day. This event provided an opportunity for individuals and organisations to learn about the MEDWAYCAP project and the importance of sustainable water practices.

The exhibition continues to generate interest and awareness among visitors throughout its stay at the City of Sciences in Tunis.  Most of the visitors are surprised to find that solutions are being developed and their recurring questions show their need for more information, especially in this context of aridity. The MEDWAYCAP exhibition was designed by Italina partner 'Svi.Med'. in the framework of the MEDWAYCAP project funded by  ENBI CBC Med Programme in collaboration with partners and projects NAWAMED, HYDROUSA, AQUACYCLE, FIT4REUSE, ValEur Gabès, ZER0-M, Alter Aqua, PROSIM, MENAWARA and MEDISS. In Tunisia, the exhibition is managed by partner CERTE ("Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux"). The collaboration with MedCities and the Valeur Gabès project made it possible to hold the exhibition in Gabès.