U-SOLVE and PPI4MED work together on growing SMEs and businesses


On January 18, 2023 Prof. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, Jordan coordinator of U-SOLVE project signed a collaboration agreement (MoU) with Eng. Maha Alaqraa the Director of International Cooperation at the National Center for Research and Development and the Jordan coordinator for the  Projet ppi4med ENI CBC MED - Technological transfer and commercialization of public research results through PPI in the Mediterranean region project.

The signed MoU aims at establishing a strong liaison between these two projects, in terms of bilaterally implementing the agreed actions represented by creating a collaborative effort. In particular the two projects will work together on relevant promotion dissemination events and activities, distribute relevant announcements on Social Media platforms as well as invite suitable representatives to participate in events organized by each party.

This corporation aims at supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs in the field of environment and sustainable development by trying to connect them with experts and business owners and support them technically when needed to grow up with their business.

Soon both projects will work together on joint dissemination events based on relevant accomplishments for each of them.