TECHLOG launches 2nd Mediterranean Living Lab in Tunisia to Support Advanced Transport Training


The EU-funded TECHLOG project has launched the second Mediterranean Living Lab in Sfax, Tunisia, to support the transfer of innovative solutions for advanced transport training. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax organized and hosted the inaugural event, which took place on November 23, 2022.

The goal of TECHLOG's Western living lab is to accelerate innovation by transferring research from labs to real-world settings, where people are welcomed to collaborate with researchers and developers, to contribute to the innovation process as a whole. The living lab brings together researchers, industry partners, and local authorities to test, refine and evaluate new technologies and approaches that can improve the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of the logistics sector. To support the achievement of the project's goals, the launch event concluded with the signing of multiple collaboration agreements in innovation and training between the project partners in Tunisia and external stakeholders.

One of the key goals of the TECHLOG project is to demonstrate the potential of digital technologies, such as simulators and autonomous vehicles, to transform the logistics industry in the region. Through real-world experimentation and collaboration, the living lab aims to identify the most promising technologies and business models and accelerate their adoption by logistics companies and governments. The project also aims to strengthen links between research and industry in the transport sector by creating a permanent EU-MED cross-border area, where research organizations and industry can co-develop, test, and share new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technologies.

The launch of the Western Living Lab in Sfax is a major step forward in the TECHLOG project. It is expected to serve as a model for other living labs across the Mediterranean and beyond, helping to drive the development and deployment of innovative logistics solutions that can benefit both industry and society in the region.