ARTOLIO partner Ilias Kalfakakos, from Kalamata, Greece: “If the platform that will be created gets the attention and the spread we need, it’ll act as an excellent guide for everyone.”


In each participating region, the ARTOLIO project strives to support local extra virgin olive oil producers, and one way to support them is to place the partner's efforts on promoting the product during the remaining time until its completion. Business and marketing are now the areas where the focus must be put, considering there’s an intention to launch a pilot using the newly built ARTOLIO platform.

ARTOLIO partner and business consultant, Ilias Kalfakakos, from the Kalamata region, Greece, thinks the platform will be essential to the success of the project’s farmers. His main objective in the project has always been to guide farmers and millers to understand their products and set up the marketing strategy. To understand and control their costs, find new markets, learn how to sell, digitalize their business, explore new opportunities and be ready to adapt to changes. 

So far, he’d been tending to his work as a consultant for the ARTOLIO farmers of Kalamata by arranging activities like info days focused on business, marketing, and diffusion. However, because he understands the purpose of appealing to a wider scope, Ilias’ concern were placed on the strategy the project should follow, after having achieved the expected quality of the oils. “If the platform that will be created gets the attention and the spread we need, it’ll act as an excellent guide for everyone. Currently, our participants are 'split' into 2 categories. The ones that have already bottled and branded their product and the ones that just sell in bulk. Addressing the needs of those of these groups should be our priority, since they need alternative solutions.”

As of today, the platform is intended to promote those farmers who have reached the extra virgin olive oil quality. The main challenge right now is to figure out how to help those farmers who do not have a brand and are forced to sell in bulk to bigger companies, as well as launching the platform with the appropriate diffusion. Ilias understands this, and strives to help the farmers of his region to find a solution, even if the platform is already leading the project in a good direction.