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U-SOLVE partners to announce the grant’s winners and urban hubs to support entrepreneurs in sustainable urban development

U-SOLVE project partners plan to hold a general assembly meeting in Alexandria, Egypt for three days from December 6 to 8, 2022, to discuss the partners' progress in implementing urban living hubs. The hubs are a central part of U-SOLVE project which will provide the supportive environment for the entrepreneurial climate and to become a center for incubating creative strategies and ideas.

Ten partners will meet and discuss the achievements and challenges encountered during this phase. They will present the first step-winners in the calls for the hubs that closed or will close shortly, and they will discuss the applications still in process and their evaluation for this subgrant. This opportunity encourages young people and women from various creative and cultural sectors to participate in the targeted urban areas.

The meeting will conclude with a visit to the Mats solar power plant which is a regional research and development center in solar energy and water desalination to serve Egypt and the region through a highly developed technical system for optimal utilization of concentrated solar energy, and highlight entrepreneurship opportunities in the solar power plant in Borg El Arab in Alexandria.

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