INVESTMED project delivers 11th seminar on Environmental Impact Assessment of Industries


The INVESTMED webinars form part of the project’s Sustainable Business Management Programme, which is open to current and prospective entrepreneurs from Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon working in the green economy, blue economy, and cultural and creative sectors. The seminars aim to complement the training content by bringing together experts in these fields from around the Euro-Mediterranean region and sharing expertise on valuable themes. 

This 11th INVESTMED training webinar was delivered by Nida Fatima, a Masters’ student in Management and Sustainable Development Goals at LUMSA university to the INVESTMED community. Nida is from Lahore, Pakistan and is a graduate from University of Punjab with a background in Earth Sciences. The session was moderated by Professor Giovanni Ferri from LUMSA University.

In her talk, she brought local examples from her region while exploring the health and environmental impacts of wastewater and air pollution releases from the industries, especially sugar mills and distilleries, particularly in terms of pollutant parameters that are found to exceed regulations.

The seminar also discussed the amount of pollution charge, as calculated under the notified government environmental rules and regulations, that the industry will have to bear over the years if it fails to comply with regulations. It concluded to show that the analysis and data interpretation can be used to suggest respective mitigation measures to solve the problems accordingly.

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The INVESTMED project is co-funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020. INVESTMED will have an impact on MSMEs, start-ups and recently established enterprises where staff will be trained and coached to become more sustainable and competitive and financially supported via an open competition. INVESTMED has a duration of 30 months, with a total budget of 3.8 Million euro, of which 3.4 Million euro are funded by the European Union (90%). It involves 9 partners from Tunisia, Spain, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, and Italy:

·        Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises, BUSINESSMED (TU)

·        Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, EMEA (ES)

·        European Institute of the Mediterranean, IEMed (ES)

·        Beyond Group / Irada Group S.A.L, BRD (LE)

·        Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, IED (GR)

·        Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta, LUMSA (IT)

·        Rumundu Social Promotion Association, RUMUNDU (IT)

·        Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, CEEBA (EG)

·        Spanish Chamber of Commerce, CCE (ES)