CEOMED published a new scientific paper about anaerobic digestion


In the framework of CEOMED project, a great amount of scientific knowledge is being generated. One particular pillar of information is enclosed in the anaerobic digestion process for organic solid waste. 

The set of information generated during this project has been published in the open source publisher "IntechOpen". The book chapter is named "Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Solid Waste: Challenges Derived from Changes in the Feedstock" and is part of the book titled “Solid Waste Management – Recent Advances”.  

The abstract of the chapter reads as follows: "Over the years, research on the anaerobic digestion (AD) of solid waste has mainly focused on single feedstocks with a fixed composition. Nevertheless, the impact assessment that drastic changes in the type and composition of feedstock might have on AD process stability has not been investigated in depth. The existence of a wide variety of organic solid waste whose generation and composition are highly dependent on seasonality, just as the possibility of using treatment plant facilities already in operation for treating new waste, makes it necessary to improve our knowledge of transitory states in AD. This chapter aims to provide insight into research on transitory states during the AD process when the type or composition of the feedstock has suffered a change to assess whether the AD process was finally able to adapt to system disturbances. Information about process stability control and microbial population adaptation, among others, derived from the transition states will be addressed". 

You can easily find the whole article by searching the title or using the following reference: ISBN: 978-1-80356-327-5