INTERNISA in Spain joins forces with local info centres to promote its training for women in digital skills


Since the 9th October 2022, the network of INTERNISA offline spots has been launched. A total of 11 informative sites in Andalusia,Spain will provide information about the project and its resources, together with training activities focused on agri-food, tourism and finance and how to make these sectors more digitalised and innovative. Adding to that, workshops will be organised, addressed to women and companies and which are more focused on skills to communicate and gain visibility in a digital job market. 

A sample of eleven rural municipalities and one urban area (Seville, the capital city of Andalusia) have been chosen to bring INTERNISA project closer to the citizens, especially to women and companies, as the two main target groups of the project. These offline spots are hosted in most cases in Guadalinfo’s centres, which are public infrastructures endowed with digital technologies in order to reduce the digital gap affecting a significant number of citizens in Andalusia. The alignment of INTERNISA objectives with those pursued by Guadalinfo has made it possible to integrate INTERNISA’s core activities into  Guadalinfo’s programming, in an attempt to take advantage of public resources and identifying synergies with initiatives which are consolidated in the territory, with the aim of reinforcing the design of public policies at local level.

The commitment of local governments is crucial at this stage of the project’s implementation. Thanks to them, the project’s resources and structures, like the web platform and app, but also the learning kits developed in a previous stage of the project, are getting closer to the needs of rural women and companies, as well as local civil servants, thus helping to alleviate a third gap, the geographical gap, which coexists with the gender and digital gap in rural areas of Andalusia.

In order to make possible the multiplying offline spots in Andalusia, FAMP, the Spanish partner of INTERNISA, has created the figure of the INTERNISA facilitator, who are in most cases public employees from the local administration in charge of the Guadalinfo centre of the municipality. A total of 18 INTERNISA facilitators has been trained on the project’s resources and structures, so as to make them able to act as a bridge between INTERNISA and women, companies and public employees all over the Andalusian territory.

While INTERNISA’s training will conclude at the end of the year, the offline spots will continue open to the public until the end of the project, with an informative role and as a place to access the project’s resources as well as attend the restrained training sessions, on a demand basis.