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After 6 months, INTECMED's team met again in person in Alexandri in Egypt, known as the Bride of the Mediterranean, to discuss the incubator program in each country, the subgrants, and the next steps to deliver the best possible solutions for the participants in the four countries of INTECMED: Spain, Greece, Tunisia, and Egypt. This meeting was held from the 11th to the 12th of October, 2022.

Some updates about the project:

  • In Seville (Spain) and Alexandria (Egypt), the mentorship program has started and the startups in the incubator program are learning how to improve their business plans and solutions. 
  • In Tunisia and Patras (Greece), the mentorship program was launched this week.
  • As the 12 selected ideas from each country go through the mentorship program, only 3 of them by country, will be awarded the subgrants. A total of 60.000€ by country, this amount will allow these startups, working on innovation, to improve their services and solutions. 

As you might know, INTECMED's mission is to help the technology transfer among Mediterranean countries and to facilitate the commercialization of research results from researchers across the region. 


With the aim of helping other incubator programs, we developed the report “Good Practices Report on pre-incubation services in the Mediterranean Area”, a study in which INTECMED teams gathered and shared the best regional practices and found common work - schemes.


Another key tool that we have developed with the help of the EU is the "E-Bazaar of Innovation", a platform that connects investors and innovators across the region to support them in the endeavor of networking and finding opportunities.

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