LUMSA University, Italy is seeking e-lessons post-production service and tutoring service for the INVESTMED Project


LUMSA University, partner of the project “Innovative Sustainable Start-ups for the Mediterranean (INVESTMED)”,  No. B_A.1.1_0065, co-financed under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020, has issued two (2) calls for the selection of external services under WP3 of the INVESTMED Project:
Call 1: E-lessons post-production service
LUMSA University is looking for the supply of an e-lessons post-production service. The legal person selected for the assignment referred to in this Call will have to oversee the following activities:

  • Technical support in the post-production of no. 11 (eleven) e-lessons already in possession of LUMSA University, through graphical customization and the cutting of obsolete parts 
  • Technical support in the production and post-production of no. 9 (nine) new e-lessons through content recording and graphical customization

Call 2: Tutoring service
LUMSA University is looking for the supply of a tutoring service. The selected person will have to provide support for Egyptian, Lebanese and Tunisian students who have completed the “SBM Training” in their learning, as well as those selected for the coaching and mentoring programme up until the start of the coaching and mentoring activities.
The deadline for applications for both calls is October 27,2022 at 24:00 CET.
For more information, selection criteria, and to apply, please visit the LUMSA website (ENG - ITA)
The INVESTMED project is co-funded by the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020. INVESTMED will have an impact on MSMEs, start-ups and recently established enterprises where staff will be trained and coached to become more sustainable and competitive and financially supported via an open competition. INVESTMED has a duration of 30 months, with a total budget of 3.8 Million euro, of which 3.4 Million euro are funded by the European Union (90%).