STAND Up!: Textile and fashion start-ups will join the ‘360º Opportunities’ event in Barcelona to meet with investors

On the 30th of September 2022 at Casa de la Seda in Barcelona, STAND Up! will participate in the ‘360º Opportunities’ event organised by Spanish partner TEXFOR, the Textile Industry Confederation gathering textile and fashion entrepreneurs, companies, investors and policy-makers. Together with STAND Up! project that supports women and youth under 35 to develop their business model in the textile and clothing industry, DigiTVC and TEX-MED Alliances projects will also be presented promoting the digitalisation of the value chain in the textile sector (DigiTVC) and working for the trans-Mediterranean development of the textile business with sustainability criteria (TEX-MED Alliances).

The event will be held from 9.00am to 15.00pm with the aim of offering useful tools for their commercial strategies in the textile sector, as well as making connections and synergies between the ideation and early-stage start-ups and the existing and consolidated ventures.

‘360º Opportunities’ event will be developed two different sessions: the first one introducing different start-ups that have joined and being supported by STAND Up! in Spain and the second session designed to share different tools from the 3 EU-funded projects bringing new opportunities for the modernisation of the textile industry: sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalization and other collaborative synergies of interest for the textile industry.

The WeMed Award 2022 will also be presented explaining the audience this new opportunity for textile and fashion entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean area to win awards valued up to 20.000€/10.000€ each.

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