INTERNISA in Spain: analysis of women’s digital skills needs survey


The Catalan Youth Agency and  the Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces, Spanish partners of the INTERNISA project, conducted an analytical survey of Spanish women sample to determine the value and needs of digital skills from the employees’ point of view.

Thesurvey has five groups of digital skills which were graded within five specified grades ranging from not important to very important. The importance of the conducted study is to discover and build a solid ground for digital knowledge for women in the labour market. This will lead to identifying the real needs of women to proceed and compete in a very competitive labour market.

The majority suggested data analysis skills, so there is a real understanding of the importance of digital skill building. Most of the women sampled suggested that familiarity and comfortability with digital collaboration and using digital devices.

In conclusion, there is a great need for building digital skills for women as the analysis of the study showed.