DECOST project showcased in the “Sustainable Solutions at Times of Transition (SuST)" International Symposium

Panagiota Saranti

Representatives of the University of Patras, project partner of the DECOST project participated in the International Symposium and Workshops “Sustainable Solutions at Times of Transition (SuST)” that was held in Nisyros Island, Greece.

At the conference, Ms Panagiota Saranti, Civil Engineer MSc and Researcher at the University of Patras, gave a presentation called “Sustainable urban development: the concept of home and community composting”. The presentation was made during the Session “Case-studies.” and showcased part of the work that University of Patras’ team has accomplished in the DECOST project.

In this presentation, the concepts of home and community composting in waste management, and the major differences between centralized and decentralized composting. With Greece as an example of case study, the national legal framework of municipal solid waste and composting is presented as well as best practices including community and home composting that can offer municipalities social, environmental, and economically favourable alternatives to centralized composting and landfills.

The major objective of the symposium was to promote the scientific dialogue supporting the sustainable management and usage of natural resources and the shift in the use of renewable resources with best paradigms, practices and policies at the local, Mediterranean, European and global scales. This can be achieved by addressing the technical, socio-economic, ecological and sustainability dimensions in the context of “Accelerating the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable, Post-Fossil Carbon Societies!”.

More information regarding the symposium can be found on its official website.