MoreThanAJob subgrantee in Lebanon extends its activities to the Greater Beirut Area and north Lebanon


In July and August, 2022, the subgrantee of MoreThanAJob project, PHI Group, coordinated its outreach initiatives across the Greater Beirut region and North Lebanon this time. As it continued its trainings under the framework of its project titled “Carving out a Better Path Forward," PHI organization was able to expand the reach of its roots throughout the socially varied Lebanese community to successfully address 171 beneficiaries.

The program kept addressing the disparities that exist in the labor market in Lebanon. Under-skilled employees, particularly those from less wealthy parts of Lebanon, have been encouraged to develop new sets of skills and credentials. Through the provision of health and safety in the workplace awareness seminars, vocational trainings for low-skilled labor, and soft skills trainings, assistance and support were given to people who are severely impacted by the situation in Lebanon.

So far, this initiative has aimed to alleviate inequities in the Lebanese labor market, notably in Lebanon's most destitute districts, in different regions across Lebanon including the Bekaa, Beirut, South Lebanon, Mount Lebanon and the North. PHI Group has nurtured new sets of skills and credentials among under-skilled people, particularly those from less privileged parts of Lebanon, by implementing this project. Image removed.

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