Private-public cooperation to encourage socio-professional inclusion: start of the MoreThanAJob project in Italy


Encouraging the development of cooperation mechanisms between the Social and Solidarity Economy and the public administration to improve social services dedicated to vulnerable subjects to increase their opportunities for social and work inclusion: this is our main goal in MoreThanAJob! A 3-year project in which Social and Solidarity Economy actors and representatives of the public administration will be involved in training courses and will be invited to work together for the co-design, development and provision of services to promote social inclusion and employment of vulnerable subjects.

To achieve the desired results during this process, we believe it is essential to involve these actors from its inception, creating moments of encounter and comparison in order to share their experiences of cooperation and needs in order to improve support mechanisms.

At the local level, one of these first moments was the meeting organized on February 20 in Palermo at the premises of the Italina partner CESIE, in which representatives of the Social and Solidarity Economy active in the Sicily area met to share good cooperation practices with the public administration for the provision services aimed at promoting the social and work inclusion of vulnerable groups.

What is the Social and Solidarity Economy?

The term Social and Solidarity Economy is increasingly used to indicate a wide spectrum of organizations that distinguish themselves from the actors of the conventional economy for two fundamental characteristics: they have explicit economic and social objectives and include different forms of cooperative, associative and solidarity relationships.

Next steps

As agreed during the project launch meeting - held in Amman (Jordan) on 26 and 27 November 2019, the elements of success and weaknesses in the cooperation experiences collected during the meeting will contribute to the development of the MoreThanAJob model for the development of innovative social schemes based on cooperation between Social and Solidarity Economy actors and public administrations. The developed model will be the basis of training activities for Social and Solidarity Economy actors and public administration representatives. Furthermore, the MoreThanAJob portal is being developed, an interactive online space to encourage communication between the actors involved in this process.

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